Internship Program

The CATCO internship program allows selected individuals to observe and participate in the creation of a theatrical production by a professional theatre company.

The CATCO Internship is similar to the mentorship program, but is aimed at individuals who have completed high school.

Each intern works under the mentorship of a single member of the CATCO professional staff, but will interact with other staff as well as with guest artists.

Time Commitment

Internships involve a minimum time requirement which will be set by the Intern and staff mentor. Internships are usually 2-3 months in duration. No intern sessions will be scheduled that are less than 2 hours in length. Because performances, rehearsals and production meetings often occur in the evenings and on weekends, CATCO may not be able to accommodate interns who are unable to participate at those times. Applicants must provide a detailed schedule of their availability for the full internship period when they apply.


Theatre is a highly disciplined profession that places more value on teamwork, preparation, punctuality and personal responsibility than on “talent.” Interns are expected to behave in a mature and professional manner, focusing their energies on the task at hand and working cooperatively with others. Repeated absence or tardiness will result in the termination of the internship.


  • 1. Interns must provide their own transportation (CATCO does not provide parking reimbursement)
  • 2. Interns must be punctual and attend scheduled sessions (which will be worked out in consultation with the CATCO staff mentor)
  • 3. Interns may dress casually, but sensible, closed-toe shoes are required. Dress requirements are more strict when the student is working with scenery or lighting equipment, or when he/she interacts with the public.
  • 4. Parental consent forms are required for interns spending time in the Costume Studio or Scene Shop who are under the age of eighteen.
  • 5. All interns must keep a log of their time at CATCO. At the end of the internship experience interns are expected to write a one-page summary of their learning experience at CATCO.

Failure to meet requirements will result in the termination of the internship.

Learning Activities

CATCO makes every effort to pair the intern with a staff member in his/her area of interest. However, internships are meant to provide a broad exposure to the production process. Interns observe acting and technical rehearsals, production meetings, design meetings, costume parades, and performances. They do everything from making coffee, copying scripts and distributing posters to building costumes, hanging lights and prompting actors. (Interns do not perform.) Specific activities will vary depending on the intern’s interests and schedule as well as on the CATCO schedule. All participants will write a press release about themselves, observe a performance (a complimentary ticket will be provided), conduct short interviews with each staff member and complete a one page paper summarizing their internship experience. Internships are non-paid learning opportunities.

Completion of Internship

Those who complete the program request a letter of reference from their CATCO staff mentor.

Availability of Internships and the Application Process

Internships are only available at times in our season when we can effectively host the student. If you are interested, please contact us to see if there is a internship opportunity available during your desired time frame.

If an internship opportunity is available, you will be asked to complete an application and interview with our staff.

If you are interested, please contact:

Andrew Protopapas
Artist Educator
77 S. High St., 2nd Floor
Columbus, OH 43215
(614) 464-9400

Interested students are urged to contact us at least six weeks before their desired starting date.