The Throne of Oz

May 4–13, 2018
Van Fleet Theatre, CPAC

549 Franklin Ave.

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Few fantasy lands have captured our hearts and imaginations as has the marvelous land of Oz! Join a young boy named Tip as he travels throughout the lands of Oz and meets our old friends the Scarecrow and Tin Woodman, as well as some new friends like Jack Pumpkinhead, the Wooden Sawhorse, the Highly Magnified Woggle-Bug, and the amazing Gump as they thwart the wicked plans of an evil witch and overcome a rebellion.

Check out The Throne of Oz playguide! It has great background info, plus activities for before and after the show. Click here to download the guide.


Adults = $15.00
Kids = $10.00


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Full Cast


Production team

Oscar Humbert
Joe Bishara
Jack Pumpkinhead
Nolan Thomaswick
Stage Manager
Madison Wilson
Lydia Silver, Maggie Peffer
Production Assistant
Matthew Sierra
General Jinjur
Lindsey Parker, Abbie Ogilbee
Scenic Designer
Steve Puhl Jr.
The Scarecrow
Caleb Nelson, Monty Almoro
Lighting Designer
C.J. Pierce
The Tin Woodman
Natalie Harper, Samantha Stegen
Costume Designer/Properties Master
Dayton Willison
H.M. Woggle-Bug, T.E.
Gabriella Cain, Hannah Simpson
Vince Staropoli
Jellia Jamb
Lia McMillan, Zofia Walkowski
Technical Director
Chase Holt
Glinda the Good
Candice Kight
Co-Technical Director/Projection Illustrator
Johanna Breiding
The Saw Horse
Jillian Reeb, Lexie Kepling
Sound Designer
Russell Boiarsky
Princess Ozma
Stella Bergman
CATCO Producing Director
Steven C. Anderson
Green Mustached Guard
Charlie Rowe
CATCO Carpentry Apprentice
Sara Matthiesen
Greta James
CATCO Artist Educator
Andrew Protopapas
Winkie Soldier/Soldier of Glinda's Army
Boula Ross
CATCO Production Stage Manager
Kirsten Upchurch
Loud Soldier of the Revolt
Sophie Bergman
CATCO Technical Director
Joe Wolfle Jr.
Stoic Soldier of the Revolt
Jenny Tupper
Forceful Soldier of Glinda's Army
Sofia Feinberg
Friendly Soldiers of Glinda's Army
Adriana Massimiani, Christina Massimiani
Soldiers of the Revolt
Lucas Cloran, Madelynn Halpin, Lilah Repuyan, Emma Shachter
Soldiers of Glinda's Army
Elijah Horn, Maggie Werz


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